Sunday 15 September 2013

Impian Stories: Dreams yet unfulfilled

A determination
One day, as we all tend to say, I am going to live my own life, seek my own fortune, chase after my own dreams and latch onto the happiness that has long eluded me.
For there are dark recesses, shadows, secrets and fears, the feeling that some are being protected from truths that are mine, but unknown to many.
Who I am is a prism viewed from different perspectives of incidence of light, the many colours, some vibrant, some dull, some bright, some dark – the sum of my parts that has become the product that you see, is only revealed in part, in parts, the whole is never known.
Being myself to myself
Even to myself, I have concealed a treasure trove of detail I have tried not to revisit in the attic of my memory, gathering dust, covering skeletons, desperately attempting to extricate myself from a bad history to walk into a good future, dogged and chased by blood-thirsty demons in relentless pursuit of my soul.
As the autumn comes, in life one might well have a spring cleaning, open the windows, let the air in, dust the carpets, remove the veil and light up the night and bask in a new freedom, we all need to cut away somewhere, somehow, sometime and face up to the truth of who we really are.
One day, as we all tend to say, I am going to live my own life.

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