Friday 8 June 2007

Reserved: A room at LA County Hilton

Mom! Mom! Mom! She screamed

Great hysteria accompanied the circus that is Paris Hilton where privilege and celebrity has now been visited by the full weight of the law on a situation that had become untenable.

Paris Hilton will return to jail for the full 45 days of her sentence for the violation of her parole.

I have kept my peace for quite a while especially when before entering jail she had already received a sentence reduction to 23 days. She reported for jail early and she was out in just over 72 hours to house confinement.

The County Sheriff who in ways has acted against the wishes of the judge granting a reassignment to home confinement because of a supposed medical condition which presumably can be treated by jail doctors might well be held in contempt and also be remanded in his own jail.

Basically, when you pander to privilege you might get burnt seriously. One thing that grates everyone that watches this drama is the way the American justice system is skewed, slanted and inequitable. There however was a time when the Sheriff, District Attorney and Judge answered to the big man in the city and did his bidding. One wonders who had not been paid off in this matter - Shocking really.

Jail is only for the poor and unknown

Like Alan Dershowitz said years ago during the trial of a Kennedy clan suspect for murder - Everyone is innocent until declared broke - maybe we can paraphrase that and say, jail is only for the poor and unknown.

There is one hotel in Thailand where people of all races congregate at with the benevolence of the Thai authorities; it is called the Bangkok Hilton, should we now rename the Los Angeles County Jail - LA County Hilton?

In the UK, we have a fully drugged up George Michael who drove to a delirious halt at a traffic junction in his expensive Mercedes Benz car given a 100 hour community service and a two-year ban - sometimes you really can get away with anything if you are a big enough celebrity - doesn't it make you want to be famous just for the sake of it?

The star performs at Wembley Station tomorrow - As Ladies and Gentlemen go Outside for Freedom - everyone just has to Listen Without Prejudice.

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