Friday 8 June 2007

Obasanjo does Pírìgìdì in Christian Theology

Open learning visitor

How can one not be afforded another dig at OBJ, it appears he has enrolled at the National Open University of Nigeria, which presumably is a Distance Learning university of sorts.

I do remember General Yakubu Gowon after being overthrown in 1975 also returned to school at the University of Warwick ending up with a doctorate in something I cannot care to remember.

Interestingly, he arranged to visit the premises where every person of importance from directors, deans and a deaconess (yes, church offices are official appellations in Nigeria) was arraigned in sycophancy par excellence falling over themselves to indicate the ex-President would not receive preferential treatment, but then the timetables and curriculum would be arranged for his convenience.

Why does he just not get a private tutor if he so requires tailored tutorials and scheduling?

We all now know his matriculation number is NOU060323192 and it would not be a give away if a question demands answers based on his experience in which case he might have to start with - When I was the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - or better still, a codeword in the answers that makes the lecturer toast if ...

Obviously, no impropriety is to be expected, though he did lament having to spend two and a half hours in traffic - maybe the ex-President suddenly realised something about the country he has ruled for a total of 11 and a half years - Scary! But such are the trappings of privilege, a disconnection from your constituency.

Probably the right course

Anyway, I do regret to inform you that he is doing a Post Graduate diploma (Pírìgìdì in Nigerian parlance) in Christian Theology - maybe this one opportunity arises for a man to practice what he preaches.

I know, I know many would have wanted him to enrol in the Democracy programme where courses like Electioneering 001, Rule of Law 010, Anger Management (Vindictiveness module) 112, Conducting Fair Elections 003, and Legacy Building through Effective Governance (Includes the Knowing when to leave module) 101 amongst orders would not have been lessons too late for any Nigerian.

This is not to rubbish the course his is embarking on because restitution is part of the Christian message, one just wonders how he can made things right - probably by dropping out of political circulation altogether especially through the peddling of influence as party chairman.

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