Thursday 7 June 2007

Does Ichabod now live at the Vatican?

Holy See saw naught and did zilch

The irony should not be lost on you my readers, no, not at all.

What is this thing about the Pope caught in a security scare?

The Pope was having his usual Wednesday "walkabout", albeit in his Popemobile when a young man vaults over an embankment to approach the Pope, he clung to the vehicle for seconds before he was subdued by the security personnel - whatever was on his mind never saw fruition - maybe.

The more serious issue here is the realisation that whilst the Pope might be the head of an established church, his office does not seem to have the fantasy of the miraculous, maybe even hazard the occupation of palliative comfort.

In other words, we have a spiritual head who really is a political power commanding a quality of authority, a president, head of state or monarch would just as well require an entourage and the same retinue of personnel.

I would presume in Jesus' day, He would have sensed the incident, just as the woman with the issue of blood caught His attention because he felt virtue (miraculous power) had been tapped from His being and not so much for she having tugged at his garments - it would appear from the video footing, the Pope was completely oblivious of the event, or maybe even practically unperturbed.

The risk of faith

The young man however might have taken the risk of faith hoping to touch and latch himself to the Popemobile with the desire that he might be whole - that however might have been thwarted by the overzealous courtiers who deny people of Papal blessings in the guise of security and protection.

The man has also been handed over to the mental health authorities where the Master might have used the opportunity to minister grace and healing.

The mental health authorities are most likely going to put the poor chap in a strait jacket where he might have thought he would get the one touch of the healing hands of the Pope - Security again gets in the way of the Vicar of Christ on earth.

For the young man, at the Vatican, maybe miracles are impossible but a referral happens in an instant.

All that security and all makes you wonder where that amazing power of the Church now resides, not the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail nor does the authority of compassionate healing appears to be in the vision of the Holy See today - Alas! Ichabod now lives in Rome.

Pope in danger - All panic.

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