Tuesday 26 June 2007

Ms. Hilton has Checked Out

Lessons from the slammer

The circus that revolves around the celebrity of Paris Hilton has now brought in the wild cats; don't we all find those quite fascinating?

Ms. Hilton has now been released from jail early for good behaviour and the overcrowding situation in the facility.

There are many lessons we can learn from this experience and they should be well noted. Jail will not necessarily kill you, though it is a privation that is best avoided by keeping within the law and when sanctioned, not straying away from the provisions of that instruction.

Ms. Hilton's case shows that celebrity, money and influence does skew and attempt to remove the blindfold from the eyes of Lady Justice as the scales sag under the legalese of powerful attorneys being paid outrageous sums of filthy lucre to blunt the sword into a kid's glove for caressing and upholding the selfish interests of the privileged - they just cannot stand being under the law, if they can afford it.

Lady Justice

Lessons from the experience

Ms. Hilton herself has intimated that she is more grateful for what she has, this is revealingly useful because in a generation where many know the prize of everything but the value of nothing, knowing how to value your freedom but following the basic civil laws of society is an experience that would not be forgotten too quickly.

The clamour that followed the seemingly preferential treatment of Ms. Hilton meant certain things had to be done right, like her really going to jail.

The sad thing is small-town attorneys, judges, police officers and prison officials who encounter celebrity of the status of our principal always seem to lose their professional judgement that the spotlight of the media frenzy also gets directed at them - they bask in this limelight in the hope that a greasy pole of patronage might be offered them to climb up to some higher level of notoriety - the poor sycophants of fame, out-doing each other shamelessly for a morsel of ignominy.

Lessons from her appearance

It is respectable enough that Larry King has scooped the first interview with Paris Hilton to be aired tomorrow and you can be sure that Larry would prise some useful information out of the girl for us to determine if she has had a Damascene conversion or she is just in a temporary relapse from the Simple Life - realities could be a bit more tasking.

The simpleton fans of Paris whose mundane lives find refreshment in her antics might now be committing themselves to the goal of serving time just to be like their idol - the role models we chose nowadays. Enough of this tittle-tattle.


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