Friday 15 June 2007

Frankly, I don't give a puff

I do not fuss

Some might not agree, but I am hardly one to kick up a fuss about much. In some ways, I have the luxury of being able to start work somewhere between 7:00AM and 11:00AM.

I must confess, my arrival is nearer the top end, but the issue of getting to work late is a relative term depending on your function and responsibilities.

I like later starts and late finishes, I find that I am quite productive as office occupancy diminishes; one concentrates better to achieve lots for the day.

What I have found a bit irksome is the number of lung tarring puffers that stand in the way of the back entrance to our office block, chatting away, blowing exhaled (regurgitated) smoke into your face and literally stubbing their cigarettes out on the door frame as I arrive in the morning.

For a while, one has been of the mind of remonstrating to the Facilities Manager, I am glad to say someone else must have been just as displeased and unimpressed with the situation. I felt elated, I am not all that a fuss-pot after all. Phew! I almost despaired for what was becoming of me - intemperate, impatient and intolerant whilst being ever so empathetic - Me know I well.

An email winged its way into our mailboxes from the man-in-charge, a tersely worded (Dutch tone) - stay well away from the doors of the personnel entrance/exit - notice with the advice to use the newly cobbled-together chicken coop as the smoker's corner.

Smokers must be having a really raw deal - I care as much as to say, I quit 23 years ago. I don't give a puff - Now, how do you say that nicely?

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