Tuesday 12 June 2007

Clothes line or clothes nurse

Not trendy but enduring fashion

Working in the Netherlands as a technical consultant sometimes has me as probably the best formally dressed man in any office in the land.

I would not be absent in a 1950s London street, bowler hat, pocket square matching tie, brogues or better, umbrella and the Daily Telegraph under my arm.

However, the Western Europeans summers does make one suffer, the high humidity, something strangely absent from the area of the Tropics I grew up in means one has to dress a lot lighter with cropped sleeves, new wool suits and sometimes the anathema of a missing under-vest.

There is no point secreting manly pheromones in the office; that is no place to exact the full penalty for being attractive or being attracted to others - Perish the thought!

The clothes nurse

Clothes can tell a few tales and now they are being made to monitor your health through sweat for acidity, salinity and perspiration.

This technology should find application in recuperating patients, the chronically ill or injured athletes, but there is a marketing opportunity to a demographic of health freaks who would be pleased to know just that little bit more to develop a hypochondriac complex.

When these monitors begin to gather data and this data gets transmitted in such a way that it can be intercepted, it becomes a problem - it would be easy to see who is vulnerable and probably take advantage of that person - someone about to have a fit or a heart attack might just have that aggravated by the fact that an onlooker snoop knows just when to pounce.

The extension of this technology would be when it becomes reactive - a wearer begins to choke on something and the clothes administer the Heimlich Manoeuvre - the clothes malfunction and one is dangling from a clothes line - Now, what is the haute couture for clothes that nurse you?

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