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I think I have courted controversy all my life, it informs a discussion I once had with my dad where he said, “You have always thought like a Westerner.” I cannot say I fully understood what he meant apart from the fact that I have rarely followed convention, my opinions might not be what you will call mainstream but I support causes that many will shy away from and I address issues, many will not touch.

Amongst conservatives; I will be a liberal, within religionists; I will never be legalistic and even though I was brought up High-Church Anglican, my evangelical outlook is very Jesus-time gospel mingling with the notorious, the gates of my church are flung wide open – tongues will wag.

I do rights, human rights, child rights, women’s rights, gay rights and fundamentally believe that the function of religion is to serve humanity, where it fails in that purpose, I will stick to the person and drop the religion, the tradition, the rule, the creed, the custom or any altar on which some norm has been established to sacrifice humanity.

I cover many themes on my blog and I can identify some controversial topics and some very personal, others are social commentary and I have decided to devote a page to these themes.

Apes Obey! Series – These are a number of blogs that take certain opinions of Lord Lugard in the 1920s linking them to contemporary issues in Nigeria.

Introducing the Apes Obey! Series The introductory blog.

Apes Obey! Vague dread of the supernatural

Apes Obey! Lacks the power of organisation

Apes Obey! Instinct rather than moral virtue

Apes Obey! Seldom rises above pantheistic animism

Apes Obey! With very little sense of veracity

Apes Obey! Lack of apprehension

The Apes Obey! Blogs – A Google Search

The Cancer Tales – My most challenging battle for survival, I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2009 part of which included 18 days in the hospital and 7 sessions of chemotherapy over a period of 5 months, the cancer is now in complete remission.

I blogged when I could in the hospital and have continually written about my recovery process, my struggles and concerns.

In hospital to kill the pain

Golden red and painless

The looming abyss of a deep biopsy

Seeing hospital meals again

Getting off the pain train

Crutches on the drip

A relocation from the cacophony

Scuttling cancer with chemo

Nausea abates by suppository

A slumbering machine operator

Waiting for chemo

A life of cytostatic ostracism

I'm alive after my autopsy

One more night

Home - At last

Then all the Cancer-Related blogs and a Google Search on the chemotherapy blogs. The summary of this story is there is life after cancer, people do survive and the recovery process extends well beyond getting well to regaining many elements of the life one had before illness struck – that journey can be very long and hard too.

On Nigeria - I am as much Nigerian and I am English, I have a strong affinity with my Nigerian heritage and write a lot about Nigerian issues, there are hundreds of blogs to read. You can use the Search facility to access all the Nigerian blogs as well as a link to related items beneath the blogs.

Thought Picnic – These are blogs that do not follow the strict format of my usual blog rules, I have a topical issue that I address offering opinion, argument, reason or dispute just like I have gone out for a picnic to think about things at a serene natural place.

Thought Picnic: Our Truth The original post.

My other Thought Picnics

Editorial – Just what it says but, on a blog, relating issues in an unconventional way.

Editorial: Eighth of May 2011 The original post

The Editorials – A Google search on my blog.