Wednesday 30 September 2009

A relocation from the cacophony

Travails of a morning doze off

The day started a bit rough, I was in some serious discomfort through the night, I had to ask for additional medication.

In the meantime the intravenous infusion mechanism has now been attached to my right wrist, so I am tethered again and have needed help getting around on the crutches.

I eventually got some deep sleep after dawn broke just when my friend came alive with cries for sister, brother, doctor, please.

There is no doubt he is in pain, I know but rather than use the call system he calls out loud and incessantly, I lost it – So from within my deep sleep, I mustered my best Dutch and shouted out to use the call system.

Flipping pancakes in beds

He also turned 82 today, which is sad but, he has been congratulated by all, I can honestly say they are bending over backwards for him and really one must commend the selflessness that come with this line of duty.

The bed has been adjusted so many times short of having it flip him like a pancake every few seconds, not much else might happen apart from just completely sedating him, but that has its dangers.

When he was put in the wheelchair and he did not relent, I clearly told the nurses, this just cannot continue, I am no more sure if he is leaving hospital today anymore.

They took him out of the ward somewhere else for about an hour during which time I steadied myself on the crutches and arranged to visit the gym tomorrow.

Serious but quite manageable

Results of the biopsy are not complete but the initial suspicion has been confirmed, they do need to determine the best course of treatment, it probably would be aggressive because it is putrid, fungating and in more serious cases can become gangrenous and lead to the loss of the foot.

In base terms, it is a type of cancer but don’t get so struck by the word, some can be cured others subject to palliative care; I have been told medication should suffice. So far, the doctors have been positive, optimistic and encouraging, it allows one to build faith from a perspective better than the despair of things being terminal.


Finally, the best bit of news is that since my hearing is considerably more keen I have been moved to another ward where I have been practicing my Dutch with two ladies and a gentleman, Though one of the ladies does not speak English at all.

It is a bit shrewd to put hard of hearing people in the room with someone turning out to be a shrew, one of the medical personnel called him a drama queen, well, this is one luvvie that could become unloved.

Can you believe it? I can hear him from here. Save our ears. Save our sanity or as restraint overcomes whoever decides the cat of throttling him – save that man from himself.

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