Wednesday 23 September 2009

In hospital to kill the pain

A bed far from home

It was as unexpected as I was to find myself in shock. What began as a visit to the doctor last Wednesday that lead to a visit to see a consultant on Friday just thickened in plot as I found myself not being able to wiggle free.

I was invited for a number of bloods to determine what exactly was the cause of the foot sore that was creating the mother of all pains; I cried like a baby with no pacifier to quench the heat.

Each time my feet were below the level of my heart I felt like my feet were on fire, it was most convenient to just stay in bed; the pain was just too unbearable. The pain killers which were heavy duty multiple strength pills just did not do enough apart from ensure that exhaustion induced sleep.

So, on seeing the consultant on Tuesday, he simply said, we have a bed for you and we are going to sort this thing out – that is how I ended up in a hospital bed since yesterday.

Many morphines to come

I have seen doctors, consultants, interns, nurses and orderlies, not to talk of stewardesses and other people who make the hospital function; it is suddenly no wonder why health costs can be just so high.

My face contorted into the most screwed up look you can have a human being produce from the pain, there was no other alternative than to put me on morphine – that took its time to work its way into my body and ease the pain.

Even so, a nurse on another shift felt that the pills would still work, I was literally begging, give me morphine, I beg of you – I am in a hospital for crying out loud, I am not here to find out how much I can endure pain and seek my pain threshold as a thing of achievement – I am not that mad.

The gender of food

Hospital food is well, just what it is until I ended up with the gluten-free bread meant for the patient in the next bed – tasteless, YuK! Yuk!

I was however bothered because the bread was clearly labelled for the lady, I do not remember undergoing a gender reassignment overnight though the sojourn of pain was enough to turn you into anything.

Even in all this, one has many things to be thankful for, health is wealth, any day anytime, for all that suffer, I wish them all a speedy recovery – yes, I got my netbook delivered to the hospital – there is much to talk about, between the pain, the sheets and the healing.

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