Monday 5 April 2021

In my heart and in my mind

My heart is warm

The feeling you get when you are thinking of someone who just makes things look so different, the sense that the world is a place of indescribable beauty that you want to explore with a person that makes each moment so special and to be cherished.

When you recognise that this person makes you glow and fills you with light because they radiate such extraordinary flair and personality that consumes you with yearning. I can strive toward a sense of completeness and fulfilment with them by my side.

Love is something I am understanding better each day in the person who allows me to extend beyond myself in ambition, in hope, in prospect, in life, and in heart. I found in Brian a person that makes it all matter.

Thank you for giving me every reason to smile whenever I see your smile and hear your voice in anticipation of being with you soon. It makes me holler to the world; I love you.

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