Thursday 22 April 2021

Blogging something out of nothing

The process of nothing

Then a day comes, it is almost over and of all the events that happened in the day you wonder how there cannot be something to write about. Maybe there is something to write about and since I just woke up to take my pills, I am a bit slow on the uptake and tired in the head, as if that has ever stopped me, Brian will have you believe differently.

Yet, with everything coursing through my mind like neurons in riotous tumult, a few things looked plausible for a late blog and then it all seemed like hard work which for this time of the day can best be done without. Now, you might call it writer’s block, it could fall in the spectrum of that nebulous term, but it is closer to fatigue than the absence of material.

This is probably something I am beginning to perfect, the art of having nothing at all to write about and in writing about the dearth of things to share, I have just enough paragraphs to pass for another blog, and the deed is done. We can conclude that a blog is just as difficult to write as it is easy, even the process alone is blogging, and so, there we have it.

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