Tuesday 27 April 2021

The vials of good news

Far along after the bloods

Long before we were caught in the throes of this pandemic and at a time when there was more freedom than we had stuff to do with it, at least a fortnight before each of my biannual medical check-ups, I would visit the phlebotomist to have blood taken in anticipation of discussing the results when I meet up with my consultant.

However, I cannot remember when I last did that, and the last three consultations have been by telephone conference with the inconvenient situation of reviewing the results of 6 months before. When I had a call over 2 weeks ago, I asked the nurse if she could provide me with an update once the results were ready and she kindly acquiesced to the request, even noting it in the update she sent to my General Practitioner (GP) and I.

Knowing it soon after the bloods

I find it strange that I have never met my GP who probably knows just about enough about me from the letters she gets if she reads them, or she just files them for reference when needed. My consultant however allows for a full flowing conversation about everything health, life, and much else.

The mail arrived in my post-box at the weekend, my CD4 count was at the highest it had ever been, I do not think I had that number at diagnosis almost 19 years ago. The other matters in the blood looked good too, and the cholesterol levels were improving, though I need to give it more attention. In general, I was given a rather clean bill of health and the likelihood that my next appointment in October would be face-to-face with my consultant. The times, they change.

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