Monday 26 October 2020

That extra hour

Night of the morning

Getting up at the break of dawn, I prepared to go for my walk, first checking the weather seeing that it was cold but no expectation of rain. How wrong I was, because, the rain eventually came pouring down and without my run visor, I had to walk with my hood up and my head down, to shield my glasses from the splatter of rain.

On Sunday morning at 2:00AM, the clocks went back an hour, which meant an extra hour in bed. However, in 30 years of adjusting between Greenwich Mean Time; for the sake of knowing the Shibboleth, it is pronounced Grennich, and British Summer Time, the benefit of that hour shift only really became that apparent this morning.

Light of the morning

Usually, in the last couple of weeks, getting out at around 6:00 AM was quite dark and things did not begin to light up properly until after 7:00 AM. It informed my need to get high visibility accoutrements as a vest, armbands and lights.

The reversion to Standard Time meant that there was some light when I left home and halfway into my walk, it was already light enough to vary my walk route a bit without having a sense of danger. I guess the concept of Daylight Savings that allows darkness to fall later in the day according to the clock is going out of fashion.

The issue with Standard Time in the winter is that I have to remember that my babe is now two instead of one hour ahead. What fun it would be to work out of Cape Town in the winter.

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