Monday 12 October 2020

Reaching beyond to the unlimited

Not beaten at last

Visualising a scene where a heap of rubble has been poured from a height like an avalanche on the person of the Incredible Hulk we watch as the silence descends on the moment as if it were the end of his story, destroyed by an event over which he had no control or foreknowledge might come to be his lot.

Then, a stirring begins from beneath it all, he clambers out with a defiant roar and whoever thought that was the end of the Incredible Hulk by their hand will find retribution beyond what they have started.

Out of the overwhelming

It is the feeling that has crowded my last week, almost a sense of helplessness against so many things. The pandemic compounds the feeling of loneliness and separateness from the ones with whom you have communion in heart and mind. An activity from far away, if it were better handled rather than unilaterally done, would have been less of a strain of one’s mental health.

Exhaustion and weakness creep upon you to deplete your resolve, you begin to doubt yourself, your strength, your fortitude, and your faith, then your health wants to follow into a decline of despair and distress. This is not what you can allow.

As dawn broke, I do not know what the day would bring, many uncertainties needing some direction so that plans can come into view. Where do you go when there does not seem to be anywhere to go?

His giving has only begun

Then I remembered a song by Danniebelle Hall, she has been gone almost 20 years and this song goes back to 1974, it was a hymn, though it is difficult to find the author, as the attributions look suspect. He giveth more grace is the titled to what I played back in my mind on my walk and then back at home. [AZLyrics: He Giveth More Grace – Don Moen]

Let us revisit the last paragraph, He Giveth More Grace started as a poem written by Annie Johnson Flint (1866-1932) who was orphaned and had a life of crippling arthritis, yet had unwavering faith in the grace of God. [Amazon: He Giveth More Grace: One hundred poems.] [He Giveth More Grace]

The words soothe me and assure me that when I have exhausted my hoarded resources, my God out of His infinite riches, riches in Christ Jesus, continues to give strength, hope, grace, power, ability and supply, there is no rubble of life that can stop me in the way, in my tracks or in the superhuman leaps and bounds to places of amazing wonder, the green pasture and still waters where my soul is completely and fully restored.


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