Monday 2 June 2014

Thought Picnic: Working to get to who we are and loving it

Accepting our humanity
Aspects of self-development require accepting the totality of who we are by appreciating we are human first and from that great potential abounds.
Yet we go through times of personal turmoil racked with the burden of guilt leading to condemnation.
It is a long journey of realisation beyond the regrets and self-flagellation to reach a point where you will not condemn yourself in the things you have allowed.
Allowances for foolishness
We allow many things to be and cannot live on trying to undo the silly, foolish, stupid and sometimes reprehensible things we practice, entertain, endure or tolerate.
Being creatures of habit, some habits die hard, but if we refuse to be defined by our weaknesses we can also work to ensure we are not defiled by our strengths too.
To get contentment
We grow to accommodate who we are as able and capable of changes we desire whilst being cognisant of the things we cannot change for the lack of will, drive or strength.
If we call on a greater power to help us become different, the question then arises about whether we have reached the peace of contentment or are still striving for something that takes away from our happiness.

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