Sunday 15 June 2014

Thought Picnic: For once and forever

Just once
Once is experience and informative with hopefully enough learnt to decide whether it is worth another try or not.
Many things I have tried or done once and never tried again because I have in the common saying been once bitten and twice shy.
This does not mean I do not have a sense of adventure, it just means I am reticent about being divorced from the mountain of experiential trophies I have acquired in my lifetime.
Not again?
First impressions of people that has stopped me from reengagement, bad customer service, unnecessary rudeness, selfish attitudes completely inconsiderate of others, places that have no welcoming atmosphere, food that has once made me ill, the list is almost inexhaustible.
One must however not be curmudgeonly, circumstance and situation may have made the first time bad experience inadvertent and unfortunate.
For once
If I am tempted to relive beyond the once, it is hoped enough is there to change one's mind after the last time failing which, it is never again.
Then, in a lifetime there are still many things we hope to experience at least once, love, beauty, fun, happiness, awesomeness, wonder and excitement in events, places, people and ideas and long may that zest for life live, for once, for many times and forever.

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