Sunday 15 June 2014

Thought Picnic: Carelessly carefree

A realisation too late
Knowledge is an eye-opener, for with it comes revelation heretofore unbeknownst to the seeker.
I am always reading up on material that pertains to my health especially trying to understand the circumstances that presented my vulnerability to disease.
It was with some shock and ruefulness that I read up on two episodes that reduced my resistance to infection and compounded manifest symptoms.
Carefree and careless
In meeting certain needs, I had been carefree, in that I was not careful and thereby, I was quite careless.
One cannot deny that certain habits breed an attitude of being carefree, that in itself is not being careful about how the desires are met and when that issues with enough carelessness, care and caution are thrown to the winds.
What if I had known?
Going back, I have wondered if I ever had specific information or it was too general to appreciate what the consequences were.
I cannot remember any time when I really knew what I recently learnt. I could be sad, angry or even depressed, but since I can neither undo or change what is past, I might as well taken full responsibility for my carefree deeds and move on.
In essence, check, check it, check in, check out everything that needs checking and have it in check before no checks can save you from not having been careful where carefree situations present careless options.

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