Sunday 22 June 2014

Thought Picnic: Many Stolen Moments, Few Owned Moments

A place enlightening the mind
Every once in a while, I find myself in places where memories come into my mind of things of life I have experienced.
Sat on a bus this morning, a whole series of thoughts occupied me from the desires of others I could not fulfil to the desires of mine I never boldly sought to see through.
For there are people we have had pass through our lives that have brought love and heartbreak, ones with whom that moment when it all looked right sometimes becomes a yearning that can never be relived.
Oh! The memories.
The heart’s medicine
However, with this was the fact that the times we spent together were short and yet intense, they felt like a lifetime but we never dared to make it more than fleeting.
The arrangements were rushed, impromptu, expensive but never regretful, no expense should be spare when one can see love because it is medicine to the heart that nothing else can offer and those small doses were like an elixir of life and youth.
They were stolen moments, for we never had enough time, the strong will, or the circumstances to split the infinitive, go daringly where another story of life of love and care might have taken us if we did have the courage.
Own the moments
Yet, we all have these stolen moments that for all sorts of reasons we have not deigned to make owned moments.
Our pursuit of happiness trammelled by our fears that have overwhelmed our hopes because of where we think we should be for others and are probably not there because we cannot be.
Where we should be for ourselves to the exclusion of others should be a decision we should make and hope to make before our time runs out. Have you ever asked, where have you been all my life?
Make that stolen moment and owned moment, live your life, be free.

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