Tuesday 3 June 2014

Thought Picnic: Fighting slumber

Slow and low
Before it becomes drudgery feeding on an atmosphere of boredom and vacantness one must find opportunities for the eventful.
Yet, excitement is not an easy thing to come by, the result of which is a day that grinds slowly on as seconds pass like minutes and minutes chime away like the hour when the cuckoos pops out to say hello.
Blow no flow
The minimal cranial activity signals something else, a relapse into the depths of soporific stupor, but one is not where the desire can be given space.
The nod must only be offered in conversation and never as a loss of control of the neck muscles.
You fight the urge as fingers on your keyboard begin to type out a script in a language yet to be understood.
Glow to grow
Oh! For the tonic to stir but to stir to what apart from being more alert to inactivity?
Then strength returns with the will as the journey home begins. Rest is needful and the hope is to be fully rested for another day.

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