Tuesday 4 May 2010

Except exempted expectations

Arriving late for late work

Today was going to be different at work, we finally have the authority to make changes that have been held up by power-plays, anxiety and unmentionable attitudes – the day was going to be long.

So, a leisurely start of the day would be for 11:00AM, there is no point working all hours even though contractors might want to maximise their charges, one has to temper the needs for work with those of rest, recuperation and commonsense.

Vast changes on scales

I am constantly reminded by my body that it would not always respond in ways my mind expects though my weight seems to be going North at speeds that could become a cause for worry – in 6 weeks I have gained 5 kilograms and I can assure you it is not from food.

Somehow, the things the chemotherapy held in abeyance have begun to break free which also means my body should gain more of the ability to fight off opportunistic infection and amongst other things my taste is returning, I tried yoghurt the other day and it tasted better than I have known for 6 months – now, we have to try Greek yoghurt with honey.

My pain patch has now been quartered and it lasts a week from a full dose that began to wear off within 72 hours, in two weeks I see my specialist and hopefully there would be good news all round about health, a possible change in drug regimes and much more.

Stretching the time in minutes

Anyway, the inspiration for this blog goes back to the beginning where I had planned to get to work by 11:00 and arrived 30 minutes later. Having taken a tram to save myself the 5-minute walk to the connection that goes to the Central Station or “Centraal” Station, the Dutch stretch their vowels as a “generaal” thing; the indicator informed that the tram should arrive in 2 minutes.

For a while, it seemed the minute had been recalibrated to mean 240 seconds, then the countdown to zero left us expecting the tram but it still did not arrive, by which time a few had run out of patience and sought alternatives.

We waited in hope and expectation as the indicator teased us with another 2 minute wait and lasted for another indeterminate number of seconds per minute, one look at my watch showed that I had been standing for about 25 minutes and then the tram arrived.

Back at an ache I want not

If only the indicator had said 25 minutes when I first got to the tram stop I would have sought other means of getting to the Central Station and not wasted my time pining, hoping, getting irritated and suffering from unnecessary backache.

You can imagine, this is supposed to be the least obstructed tram line in Amsterdam, hardly any jostling with traffic except at crossings where trams have priority and it all consists of no more than 10 stops – however, it is easily one of the most inefficient at times with little information about problems when they occur.

After all that, the tram was so overcrowded maybe only half of those waiting got on, there is a possibility that there would be so many more so soon after the one I boarded but few would chance that expectation as a lady gave me her seat on seeing I had a cane – I stood all the while waiting, when I should have sat down and a pain I had not felt in my back for ages seemed to be making an unwelcome visitation – not for me again, no, not that pain.

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