Tuesday 25 May 2010

Applying to a correction institution

Irretrievable errors
I do not want to be worried but I am getting concerned – my blogs I can review for years; proofreading, correcting and adjusting as I find errors, emails are a completely different matter.
In the last few weeks, I have had the sad situation of reviewing some emails I sent out only to be mortified beyond words – spelling errors, contexts wrong, even the mobile phone number in my signature has been wrong for weeks – Unbelievable.
This is quite unlike me, I have tried to introduce compensatory measures to deal with certain aspects of my communication – years ago, I found if I had to transcribe numbers I seemed to mess them up, so I broke the groups of numbers down, wrote them down in batches and then reviewed them twice before I was sure I had done that right.
Review, edit, correct
In some of my blogs, I have decided the best proofreading is to read the blog back out loud to myself and that seems to show up issues with construction and writing that I can correct.
What is of concern is that I do know what I am thinking and I cannot understand why what I am thinking does not seem to end up at my fingertips and on screen.
How allocations in my head became applocations on an email does give one a spot of bother. I am usually able to spot irregular patterns or improper constructions on review but it seems this requires a cooling period between writing and review to see things with different eyes.
I would suppose blogs can wait, emails however are written on spur of the moment and sent by which time your reputation is either made or lost with redemption almost beyond grasp.
I wonder if this is a matter of losing concentration because I usually have a good penchant for attention to detail and normally think I could be meticulous to a fault – but if faults belie my presumed meticulousness – we have a problem in need of an urgent solution.
What to do?

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