Monday 10 May 2010

Nigeria: Abba Abacha sues the Swiss for Nigerian loot

Speechless and more

I read it with a sharp intake of breath, the effrontery of it all, the shame-faced boldness of hereditary impunity that started from leaders the generation before ours, is perfected in their children and beyond belief in their offspring.

One can only wonder what drives these people, so despicable, exuding of privilege and unearned entitlement with the means to buy the hearts and souls of those who would pawn their beings for filthy lucre.

Yes, Abba Abacha, the son of the despotic and heinous Sani Abacha [1] who plundered Nigeria till she was bereft and squeezed her till her pips squeaked has taken the Swiss to court [2] to challenge the order to return ill-gotten assets to the tune of $350 million.

Brigandage to the extreme

It is conservatively assumed that Sani Abacha as Brigand-in-Chief robbed Nigeria of $2.2 billion, of which the family after his death returned about $700 million.

That was not in taxes and definitely not in restitution, they were just so blatantly open with their kleptomania the momentary tinge of guilt that extracted that return now seems to have faded away completely.

In making a claim for the return of the moneys, I would suppose Mr. Abba Abacha has hired a crack legal team that might be offering services on a no-win no-fee basis with their greed latched onto a percentage of the returns, if any.

The lies would amaze

The perjury, perfidy and falsehood that would consist the weight of evidence in this case might make the devil innocent, because one can only wonder what business activity or providence might have created this largesse of wealth for the Abacha family without any noticeable commercial entity to back the sources of the wealth.

The gall of it all is breathtakingly beyond belief, Abba Abacha has grown so accustomed to the bilking of Nigeria that he can see no wrong in having his hands on stolen moneys and is ready to defend to the utmost the right to be labeled a thief as his father so obviously was.

There was a time people would hang their heads in shame and not be seen in public for the disgrace of dishonesty, lies, treachery and distrust – now, if you have the money, you can never be wrong no matter how bad you have been.

Swiss roll him into jail

Mr. Abba Abacha has been refused a visa to Switzerland to attend the hearings, but I should expect if he does return, the Swiss should happily accommodate him in gaol on the technicality of having rescinded the suspended custodial sentence he received in November 2009.

Everyone has the right to fight for what is right, but this is wrong, it brings unnecessary opprobrium to an already battered reputation of Nigeria and Nigerians, he as a member of a criminal organisation now needs to face justice and hopefully the return of most of what allows him to strut about with outrageous arrogance.


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[2] BBC News - Son of Nigeria's Abacha challenges Swiss $350m order

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