Sunday 2 May 2010

A note on "Rottweilers are NOT pets"

That blog

Rottweilers are NOT pets  (December 2007)

I wrote that blog in December 2007 after a news story broke about another Rottweiler mauling a child and all I get are dog lovers coming after me rather than their dogs to maul me.

I have now closed that blog to comments after the last “dog-owner”, I wonder if that is the right ownership connection left a comment on a completely different blog.

Whilst my views might cause outrage, they reflected the general feeling about the issue and the fact that children were being put in harm’s way by irresponsible adults.

Responsible behaviour

Just as responsible adults would not leave guns – loaded or unloaded – in the play area of children, certain dogs are like loaded guns though the safety catch of training and cuddliness might be on, however, how does an observer know if a gun is safe, loaded or unloaded in the hands on a child?

In responsible societies, the gun owner would be prosecuted and the gun confiscated, as for the dog, unfortunately putting it down is the equivalent. Human beings are still top of the hierarchy in relation to animals no matter how human-like they have become.

That is the kind of thinking that governed the writing of the original blog – in any case, I have updated that blog with the note below because my blog now appears on web searches of people looking for contrary writers to maul – I am not your dog-food.

Start your own blog about your fancy dog if you feel so strongly about it.

My note to all the readers

Note: Dog lovers, I appreciate the strength of feeling you all have regarding your dogs, their temperaments and the castigation of breeds. Rottweiler can crudely translate to village rout which spells trouble rather than a sense of comfort and safety.

Our lawmakers made a law banning those dogs. I am just reflecting on the public outcry about dog owners who train their dogs to be aggressive maulers or have allowed a naturally aggressive streak to arise in them - whilst rottweilers might be cuddly and lovable, you don't hear of anyone training a poodle to be aggressive, it just does not have the look and the fiercesomeness that is required even though there might be accidents.

I am taking no more comments on this blog, if you feel so strongly about your dogs, go and write about them somewhere else, more so, I wonder if some of the commenters really should have those dogs if their comments end up on other blog topics – cool-headedness no matter the outrage about views you have read can help one write an encouraging opinion about rottweilers.

So far, I am sorry to say, that a majority of the comments have not persuaded me that the dogs are friendly or the owners are able to manage those dogs with a sense of societal and communal responsibility.

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