Monday 3 November 2008

America: John McCain is NOT the man

The look of a fight

I asked a friend this afternoon at lunch if when he fights he looks up, he said no, because he might just suffer a knockout blow – he is a boxer.

This exemplifies the message the Senator McCain has for the American people and the world of tomorrow, we are in a fight, a bruising fight, and we cannot afford to look up.

We have to look around in anticipation and anxiety, sometimes in fear and terror, when the sucker punch lands, our knees buckle; we are down, defeated in despair, despondency, desperation and wishing for death.

Need a leader of men

We probably do need to fight, but I want to be lead by a leader of men, not a maverick fighter pilot who’s daredevilry might well win that battle but the risks taken in the war are sometimes beyond the price we should be willing to pay.

The greater the number of age, we assume we have a sage, a fount of wisdom coming from years of application, dedication and honest dint of hard work.

Emeritus the contemporary

However, like the Economist opines, this week, it is unlikely that a struggling global conglomerate would call on a 72-year old to run the company.

I would contend that calling on the 72-year old would only make sense if that company was that man’s baby, well, Senator McCain was never the founder of America and he was never close to executive power to be called back to refloat what he built – the question of experience in that matter is moot.

However, the wizen mind of a 72-year old can be found in emeritus positions in academia, the honorary rather than executive chairmanships of organisations and in the retirement and comfort of an easy life of offering counsel, advise and mentorship – beyond that, the man is probably an under-achiever looking for a last break.

The quest of our fathers

A man driven to achieve more than his father and his grandfather is a worthwhile son of his father, but there comes a time where that man should be content with what he has done and built on that rather than desperately want to prove yourself beyond your capabilities.

Then the one time he could have sealed the claim that he stands up to his party, he buckled and jettisoned a lifetime of collaborations, friendships, partnership and liaisons for a lady he had only previously met twice to bolster his ticket, they have already begun to bicker - perish the thought of a White House domestic tiff.

The son of perdition

This is the son of perdition and definitely not destiny’s child, the world has seen enough fighting, enough belligerences, enough divisiveness and enough pain, we need a promise, a hope, a yearning, a vision and a destination that fills us with great expectations.

Senator McCain was a man of great renown, but the call of today, the fight of tomorrow and the making of history requires another man, another ideal, another proposition and a validation of a campaign that has been so well organised and fills us with a hope that makes us look upwards – That man is NOT Senator John McCain.

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