Friday 14 November 2008

Save the children - II

The terrible life of Baby P

The real life pictures have to be too distressing to see that the wax-like models of the toddler are evidence of how gruesome a life he must have lived.

By the time he died at 17 months, there was a catalogue of injuries that would make a despot’s torture chamber look like play school.

His mother, her boyfriend and lodger created a collage of bloody clothes, blood that came from severe wounds all around the body including a cracked ribs and a broken back – some experts suggested those types of injuries were typical of being involved in a serious car accident.

A most rotten Haringey Council

But the Social Services were satisfied that the toddler was well cared for in that family unit that the sadistic pleasure those adults derived from inflicting the most grievous pain on the child leaves us all far short of our humanity.

This was the same council that 8 years ago was derelict and obviously criminally negligent in protecting Victoria Climbie [1] from a most harrowing existence that lead to her death and all sorts of inquiries – lessons have just not been learnt.

To learn that this family was visited 60 times over the space of 8 months during which the toddler was registered as at risk, child protection personnel were involved and even a paediatrician failed to make issue of evident inflicted injuries leaves one stone cold – the only hope is that the toddler is now at rest and at peace from a most wicked and evil world [2].

His name was Baby P [3].

Policing a maternal mental health stabbing

We had not had enough time to take in the news when up north a seemingly distressed lady who had two sons caused her doctor as much concern as to have him call in the police to check her out.

The police arrived, pussy-footed around her neighbourhood, spoke to neighbours and relations but the lady herself and by the time they got to see the lady she was the murderer of her two sons [4] by stabbing in the abdomen – all in one afternoon.

This family was also known to Children’s Services of Manchester but someone must have thought the mental health problems of the mother did not warrant taking her children into care.

The extended family were too distressed to appear on television, their only message was that they hoped the children were at peace.

They were Romario Mullings-Sewell aged two and his brother Deylano who was just 3 months old.

Mother abducts daughter for reward money

Just the same time, we have the trial of Karen Matthews [5], the mother rabbit [6] of 7 children from 5 different men who hatched a plan with her ex-boyfriend’s uncle to abduct her daughter Shannon for consequent reward.

Maybe, that last paragraph was not clear enough, a mother decided to have her daughter abducted, raise alarm, milk the attentions that allows for the reward money grow before releasing her daughter and eventually sharing the reward money.

To keep the girl subdued, they drugged her and kept her harnessed to limit her movement and this charade continued for 24 long days and we all were captivated by the horror of child safety in England.

Children should trump political correctness

These tales highlight difficult social topics that need to be brought into the open for discussion without any deference to political correctness.

There appears to be an underclass of people who unfortunately have the ability to bare children but have no inkling as to how to care for them.

These people have no social responsibility; they are propped up by social security, and having no jobs, prospects or sense of community, tend to survive on instinct and are basically incapable of rationalising their actions or the consequences thereof.

It is just impossible to fathom how a mother would allow her child to be brutally maltreated, be driven to murder or children regardless of her mental state or mind or for the love of money arrange to have her daughter kidnapped for reward.

It makes you wonder what they were thinking.

The welfare of the child is paramount

Beyond that, even though children protection services do not have the best qualifications for the proper welfare of children, these children would no doubt have been better off in care than with these rotten scum of the earth.

No child in this day and age should have to live through these dreadful circumstances and end up dying in the hands of the people we naturally think should be lavishing love and care upon them.

If for any reason any child or family comes under the scrutiny of the children’s services it should implicitly mean that they should be monitored more closely – frequent physical, medical, psychological and mental evaluations should be carried out rigorously.

The welfare of the child must be foremost, paramount and sometimes be to the exclusion of the parent if the child is considered to be in any danger – we cannot risk the notion that the love of the parent endures beyond wanting to harm the child.

More prejudiced more judgemental

We have to be more judgemental in those circumstances though there have been injustices in taking children into care as in the Orkney Islands episode [7], things should not be allowed to deteriorate to the extent that lives are seriously threatened and lost.

The fact is, some people are just not deserving of their children and they should be relieved of that burden before they unburden themselves through unspeakable cruelty to the child.

Our society cannot bear the thought of another heinously gruesome story like this, the people in charge of children’s services must be held to a standard of professionalism and care that is required of anyone in care of children and where it is clear that they have failed so woefully, saying sorry should just be the beginning of the severe sanctions exacted on them including the possible charge of culpable homicide where a life is lost.

Adoption and fostering better managed

This world cannot be that bad, but for the evil, hate, neglect, selfishness and apathy all these kids have suffered from their mothers, I am so sorry that they did not arrive into better homes and those homes are about character and relationships rather than preconceived and bigoted notions of traditional family units.

Adoption and fostering laws should be flexible enough to be a broader church for all sorts of family units be they heterosexual or homosexual couplings, children need homes where care, concern, attention and hopefully love can help them become productive members of society.

Just on the matter of probability, one can say more children have been abused in many ways in so-called traditional family units than the insignificant number of alternative family setups.

Carers should be positive role models

These homes should have responsible, intelligent and able people who are doing their part in society and can serve as genuine positive role models to their wards.

Children should not be props of worth that confer of the jobless, hapless, uneducated, ignorant and unambitious people some sense of existence – if these people are not worthwhile members of community, letting them keep their children just spawns another hardened generation of people who think the society owes them everything and they owe no one anything.

Thankfully, Shannon lives to tell the tale with the bruising knowledge that her mother was unconscionably wicked in her scheme to profit from her abduction, for Baby P, Romario and Deylano, I only pray that you have entered into repose and rest in peace.

God save the children, most especially from their so-called parents – a difficult, hard and painful prayer, but one that needs to be voiced in deep supplication and fervent desire for an answer.


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