Tuesday 4 November 2008

Senator Barack Obama

How they ran

As the dawn breaks the world waits for a new page in history or the continuation of an interminable nightmare.

The last 21 months have given us a foretaste in the formidable organisational, management and leadership skills of the contending presidential candidates.

The choice is between one who began to inspire from the first day he decided to run even though he did not seem to have experience and another whose career in the military and politics is exemplary.

Having the nous

But the presidency is not only about the individual but the team that individual can assemble to give that job a good shake down.

In that sense looking at the campaigns of John McCain and Barack Obama, it would appear the latter has all the nous to get things done.

Really, if John McCain were to lead just as he has lead his campaign we are in for 4 years of chaos, reactionary outbursts and an inability to really grasp the context of what each event requires and entails – we need a cool headed man at the helm not a frenetic firebrand desperately trying to prove his young has not deserted him.

Interest and desire expressed in money

Indeed, Barack Obama decided against the public funding of his campaign after he offered to take funding – I see the audacity of not just hope but assuredness, he had inspired enough people to put their money where their mouth is in political terms and raised the most money ever for a presidential campaign [1].

Spread of contributions [2] to the campaigns is higher for Obama than for McCain, which speaks volumes – this man started a campaign and created a movement – a movement that overhauled other formidable figures in the wake of his achievements.

If Senator Obama takes this ability to the White House, I think we have the making of an excellent presidency, and so may it be.

A man for Americans

In fairness, it has taken time for me to warm up to the prospect of an Obama presidency, but if good speeches are not part of the stuff of leadership, one does wonder what is.

This man seeks the middle ground that tries to reconcile the polarised American populace to the voice of reason where they can disagree without being disagreeable, for that, he is called a liberal.

Suddenly, one is made to view conservatives as illiberal, intolerant, bigoted and disagreeable, but really neither liberals nor conservatives should be seen in those unnecessarily stark terms, rather, being American first and foremost for the good of America should be what matters.

Change for the better

When I think about change in my life, I am looking to improve things about myself, when I think about change in my circumstances, I am expecting to have favourable outcomes – the possession of that mindset alone is the beginning of change and the birth of newness.

The message of change also bring hope and much hope is not seen but the desire seems to have a compelling force to inspire people to new things – that is what we need of the man in front.

At this juncture we have the call of destiny, the making of history and the dawning of a new beginning, the question is – Are American brave enough to choose the opportunity to look up in expectancy or look down in confused acrimony?

Each vote cast is for America and for the world, a soothing balm is needed to ease the pain, Senator Barack Obama should and must be that choice – destiny’s child calls, heed the call.


[1] Obama raises record $150 million in September | Reuters

[2] FactCheck.org: What is the average size of Obama's contributions and what is the average size of McCain's contributions?

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