Wednesday 5 November 2008

Cometh the man - President-elect Barack Obama

The coming of a community organiser

Never despise small beginnings – a community organiser in a inner-city and deprived area who for the quality of education and opportunities he could have had, dedicated himself to his supposed calling in search of his identity; today fulfilled the greatest achievement in community organisation by organising the great community of Americans and the world at large to desire his global vision and elect him as the presumptive 44th President of the United States.

The significance of this result cannot be lost on anyone, not even more on Senator John McCain who gave the most gracious concession speech a few minutes ago.

It is the man

The corporate swell of expectation around the world seeks the leadership that Senator Barack Obama offers in new opportunity, change and hope – if he achieves nothing else, inspiration is the beginning of innovation, inventiveness and willingness to grasp opportunities – he has offered a lot of this to those who have listened to him.

I would not plumb the depths of the surreal, but I once wondered if this was the man [1], the man spoken of through the ages, the man with the answers that change the world in readiness for the inevitability of great historical significance, we are witnesses of this day.

The closures

This also culminates in the lessons that should dog men who seek to go after the achievements of their fathers, President George W. Bush having enjoyed the pleasures of political achievement through his party has after 8 years left it in tatters worse than when his father ceded the office 16 years ago – the polarisation of Americans cannot be an enduring bulwark – Senator Obama has almost destroyed that concept.

Much as I was anxious, when the choices were offered, I never doubted that Senator Obama would prevail on the day – the people who came out to vote were people he inspired to get involved, it would have been a travesty to someone else to reap the fruits of this labour of political savvy and amazing prescience.


Meanwhile, the Mac is back to what he should have been doing all the time, being a good senator and as President-elect Barack Hussein Obama speaks – I wish him Godspeed, wisdom and good health to take up this great mantle of leadership and begin to sculpt a new history for the world.

Congratulations! Mr President.


[1] Is this the man? []

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