Wednesday 26 November 2008

Nigeria: Ribadu gets certificate, probe and denial

Adjustment by embarrassment

I am coming close to the conclusion that whatever constitutes the semblance of rudderless government in Nigeria is usually driven to irrational, barbaric and questionable conduct that gets adjusted through the embarrassment brought on by the outcry of other sensible Nigerians.

There might be many cases of this behaviour adjustment characteristic, but of recent, the case of Nigeria pulling out of hosting [1] the Under-17 World Cup and then getting back into their rightful responsibility through the embarrassment [2] of the revulsion and disgust generated is an example.

Last weekend, it was the way the ex-Chairman of the EFCC – Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and his family were bundled out [3] the his graduation ceremony at the NIPSS and the reaction of utter disgust that it caused, ready to discredit a government that seems to be plumbing the depths of disrepute – this seems to have lead the Federal Government to order the issuance of Mallam Ribadu’s certificate [4] and they have launched an investigation into the circumstances leading to the roughing up of the man.

Some big toes are hurting bad

For a government supposedly in leadership, ruling a nation of 140 million people to expend so much capital, resources and skirting with idiocy on just one person to prove that their power in Nigeria is bordering on absolute is amazing.

This has become a country where people have their rights egregiously infringed upon and we have to expect the righteous indignation of others and the clamour for a modicum of fairness to embarrass a seemingly benevolent government into acting with consideration by first feigning ignorance of the circumstances and instituting panels of unnecessary investigation (probe) to appear to be doing something of note.

Much as the courts are in overdrive and the mantra of the government is “The rule of law”, those avenues of seeking redress seem to be irrelevant and of no significance to people who are supposed to uphold that basic principle.

Not complicit – Really?

According to the press release on behalf of the Federal Government, they are disturbed by the notion that they have been complicit in the rough-handling of Mallam Ribadu. The authorities already have form on the matters of Malam Ribadu, this really stretches credulity.

I might be persuaded of that view but who then is in control of the hoodlums that embarrassed the nation of front of a visiting head of state and honoured guest, senior members of the federal government that included the vice president and the Attorney General of the Federation at a prestigious graduation ceremony of Nigeria’s elite policy establishment?

One would have been left to ponder the answers to that question till when I read the diatribe of the Attorney General of Federation, Michael Aondokaa (SAN) which rails on (Lower half of the page) [5] about Mallam Ribadu being a serving police office but attending the graduation in civilian clothes rather than in uniform and so much more about Mallam Ribadu’s demotion and something bordering on insubordination, etc. etc.

Chief Ridiculous Officer

Somehow, the chief legal officer of Nigeria seems to have a knack for turning the plausible into the completely ridiculous; it makes you wonder how on earth such good education, such accolades of achievement and the magnitude of office could have been poured into a man who has the appearance of being lettered but has failed to allow his intellect to rise to the stature of his position.

One could really go away thinking the only reason Mallam Ribadu has suffered even more indignity at the hands of the brigands in power is because he was improperly dressed for graduation considering his is in legal dispute about his demotion and substantive rank.

A situation that is sub judice should have had a better handling of events but we have to suffer the brood of Machiavelli who damn the consequences by acting first, thinking later then try to exculpate themselves with diatribes that infuriate to apoplectic collapse.

Michael Aondokaa is probably a very smart man; an attribute he cleverly conceals, but I am of the view that his activities in the tribulations of Mallam Ribadu might well be his own undoing and really there are many who are ready to say – Good riddance! How much longer do we have to wait for that opportunity?


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