Monday 12 February 2007

Weapons of Mock Translation from Iran

Deja vu

In what is looking like a re-run of the Weapons of Mass Destruction fabrication of evidence against Iraq preceding the war, we are now hearing of weapons being found in Iraq presumably manufactured in Iran.

The US Secretary of Defense appeared on television yesterday without all the evidence to hand to state that they now believe Iran has been aiding the insurgents in attacks against American troops.

Many things do not add up about this developing premise to adopt a belligerent and aggressive invasion of Iranian sovereign territory, we can only hope that such madness would be tempered with the realities on the ground in Iraq.

Suspect evidence

Generally, the Iranians have brotherhood with the Shiites of Iraq who make up the majority of Iraqis and now form the majority government of Iraq. Americans have mostly had trouble with the Sunnites who were the minority ruling Iraq during the time of Saddam Hussein.

It would be a more serious problem if Iran was selling or smuggling weapons to the Sunnites who make up the greater part of the insurgency, however, within the security situation and turmoil in the Middle East, the illegal trade in weapons would thrive, it would not require the legal sanction of the Iranian government for weapons to cross the porous and precarious borders.

However, what is quite interesting is why weapons made and traced back to Iran allegedly have English markings rather than Persian or probably Arabic markings – this is the Islamic Republic of Iran and the official language is Persian when I last looked or is something amiss in this terrifying saga?


Beyond which America seems to be forgetting they are in a war zone, weapons would come from far and wide, like good old granny would say – Get out of the kitchen, if you think it is getting too hot – your enemies would not just fall over like dominoes – wake up and smell the darn coffee.


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