Wednesday 28 February 2007

Fashion suicides

Just not good for sight

Surely, my eyes must be deceiving me; does this guy think he is on the beach just wading out of the water as Daniel Craig in James Bond?

It appears we would forever be assaulted by images that have the tendency to haunt and this is about the way people leave their homes to appear in public.

Today, I saw two interesting extremes and I could only shake my head in bewilderment first, then sadness and finally annoyance.

The young man is most definitely a student of the Free University; as he got off at that metro station. His upper garments hardly reached his waist and his designer trousers with an expensive belt were so low one would think he was in the middle of a strip-tease bar the music.

Literally, the boy was walking around in his underwear which he had difficulty hiding because none of his clothes met the standard of decency to conceal ones nakedness.

With this type of "sloppy" dressing becoming the norm, I do wonder if attending a job interview in this state would present the interviewee as hip, in need of a visit from the men white coats or an arraignment in court for outraging public decency.

Everyone is free is dress up as they like, but one would think the purpose of clothes to conceal nakedness first and then cover the undergarments typically, the brassiere, lingerie, trunks, briefs, tangas, Y-fronts or g-strings, whichever suits your fancy - I am sure we do not want to know what diamond underwear you are wearing because smarter people would have spent less and covered up in decency.

Tusks for eyelashes

Then, as I stood that my interchange, this lady walked by and she had eye-lashes that would put drag queens to shame, they were like black elephant tusks, so long and prominent, I was surprised she could open her eyes; talk less of blink or bat her eyelids.

Now, there is nothing wrong with augmentation or embellishments, but trailer eyelashes would not lend themselves to the reflex of wiping ones eyes with the possible risk of blinding oneself - all in the name of fashion.

These are not fashion victims, else they would have been rescued, they are fashion suicides, long dead to reason, immune to decency and zombies that scare the living daylights out of the man in the street.

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