Tuesday 27 February 2007

Cheney has fled the country

I heard a large boom

And that is what the headlines should have read, how very convenient, he was moved to a bomb shelter briefly when the men he sent to war have to run the gauntlet of bombs, snipers, attacks and dangers indescribable.

Then we are told he heard a loud boom, well, I would wager, that the loudest noise he has ever heard of war or peace apart from when he almost shot a fellow hunter to smithereens.

This is just utterly outrageous, gone are the days when those who called men to war also had to be on horseback in the heat of the war, they had to be generals schooled on understanding that war is no game where belligerence and bluster is paramount and along with protecting ones skin.

So the Teleban when after him to kill him as he visited Afghanistan unannounced; having been to other countries including Australia where he gave praise as the international communities' recognition of Australia's steadfastness in the wars on terrors.

Wars on terrors

I say wars, because it is not clear if America is concluding one in Afghanistan, winning one in Iraq, preparing one against Iran, exacerbating one in Lebanon, praying for one in Syria or content with the one in Palestine - what a mess like Humpty Dumpty and all the king's men cannot put it all together again.

However, the Taleban must have good intelligence to have in the short notice of his being at the Bagram Air Base sent a message of death to the Angel of De'ath - between 9 to 14 people perished for his sake and nary an American tear would be shed for them because the news and anger would be levied at the Taleban for threatening the life of the vice President of the mighty United States of America, the sacrifice of a few locals proves the point.

The man who won five deferments when his generation went to war to die for a principle their nation held supreme has won a deferment from expiration too, even mercy abounds for the unjust.

Well, Mr. Cheney has since left the country.

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