Sunday 18 February 2007

No hair to do

Have they got news for you?

Jostling for prominence this weekend is celebrity news which allows a nonentity whose mechanical crooning, play ground dance steps and wanton lifestyle has had grown-up music executives squander shareholder value in a marketing ploy that leaves many breathless.

There is no point exclaiming, Oops! I did it again, because celebrity and means do not necessarily equate to character, self-control or mental stability in handling issues that pertain to life.

In complete denial

So, Britney Spears checks in and out of Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre midweek, probably after having the express denial treatment - the shock of being where you are not ready to be sorted out - the centre is known to help treat alcohol, drug or some other addictive disorder. Go figure.

Then goes to her hairdresser where she asks for a crew-cut and between the remonstrations of the hairdresser and hairdresser chatting to Britney's bodyguard, Britney gets the clippers and she is self-shorn (Basically, these celebrities must not be left to their devices, especially when making demands that leave one suspect of their mental state of mind.) - The glory of a woman is her hair and for a moment and longer, this girl is without glory.

A typical news story on Britney Spears, all shorn of hair in a tattoo parlour

Real life nightmare

We get to see this GI-Jane look when she ends up at a tattoo parlour having lips printed on her wrist.

When Demi Moore and Sigourney Weaver sported the shorn look, it is about making films, when that becomes real-life, then one is worried that this girl who was once over-protected by even possibly her erstwhile seemingly inadequate husband and responsibility of motherhood is in need of some sort of protective custody - to save her from herself.

She is for now, not sporting a hair-do, rather, there is no hair to do. It leaves her fans displeased, to which one can say, get a better class of role model and person to fawn your fanaticism over.

I am all my hair - January 2007

Post Comment Addendum

After Nilla's comment wondering about the well-being of Britney Spears, I realise that I might have left out another perspective of this episode; the fact that when a lady takes a radical hair-style change, something serious is happening in her life. To have all hair shorn off indicates that Britney might be undergoing some serious circumstances, which I as a man, might not even begin to understand much less begin to sympathise. It is however a point to note, not that the tabloids would let up to give human interest an airing of sensationalism.

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