Friday 9 February 2007

Like a candle in the wind

Another sad story

I was not a fan, but I was shocked to heard that Anna Nicole Smith had died at 39 in her hotel in Florida.

Somehow, once again, this is woman who when a girl had a dream to be a beautiful successful woman, regardless of her background.

Like the American Dream, she got noticed, found opportunity, lived lucky and gained fortune and fame all of which came with their different difficulties and tragedies including the death of her son just a few months ago in seemingly suspicious circumstances in Bahamas.

Apart from being Playmate of the year 1993, she gained greater notoriety with her marriage to a man 63 years older than her and in marrying into a great oil fortune had to fight a vigorous legal battle for the man’s estate when he died 14 months later.

The heir who gave her the most run for the money predeceased her just after the Supreme Court gave her the right to contest a share of the fortune of her late billionaire husband.

Like those women before her, it seems to me she lived her life, like a candle in wind, Marilyn Monroe at 36 and Princess Diana at 36, the lives they all lit up then, now grieve in the darkness of smiles now gone.

Their candles have burned out long before, their legends ever will.

Strength and fortitude to those she left behind especially the little baby girl, may she rest in peace.


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