Wednesday 8 September 2021

My home is a strange place

My method, my madness

To many, I could appear as disorganised, yet there is some order within the disorder, a method to the madness of scattered and misplaced. The cocoon of my apartment could be hermetically sealed from the perspective that as long as whatever I am looking for is in the apartment, I will find it, even when I have things reordered by my friend who visits every so often.

What upsets me more is when things are taken from the apartment without informing me. I just have a keen awareness of where everything is, and it only takes being notified to appreciate that things can change. Sharing keys and giving access should not portend a carte blanche lack of courtesy and respect for space.

Upsetting my disorder

For instance, I went to bed around 11:00 PM and at least I did not expect I will have visitors before I woke up in the morning, but I am left astounded at the apparent poltergeist activity that has occurred in my home whilst I was in slumber.

  • I left a tumbler in the sink, full of water as a pre-rinse and it was not there, I do remember that clearly.
  • Having done some handwashing in the sink before I went to bed, the sink you would expect to be clean, but there were filter coffee grains in the sink and over a glass in the slightly opened dishwasher.
  • A pack of M&S Belgian Curls had gone.
  • Half a pack of Sainsbury’s Shortbread biscuits had been eaten.
  • The kitchen towel which I had not exhausted the night before had been replaced on the holder the wrong way round. I know, I like the roll coming off anti-clockwise.
  • A coffee mug that I washed and left to drain on the dish drainer had been put in the cupboard.
  • A drinking straw was left on the kitchen worktop.
  • A tea towel had been dislodged from the holder and fallen to the floor.
  • The remainder of the wine in the fridge, about a fifth of the bottle had been drunk and the bottle disposed of.
  • One of the two M&S pork pies had been taken.

A cry I miss?

These are all the things I noticed within the hour of getting up. It is quite disconcerting, and the honest truth is if I had been asked, informed, or notified, all this would count for nothing, it is when it seems something is creeping around my home with no consideration of my being in occupancy that leans towards untenable.

I am quite unhappy and unimpressed, there probably is another issue that I have not been made aware of or is difficult to discuss because of privations in status and means. Am I missing a cry for help? I am not clairvoyant. I was missing my hat the other day, I can’t have left it somewhere, but I have made peace with that loss. What I would hate more is to miss more than I am ready to excuse, if things were to deteriorate to that situation.

Deep in thought, I do wonder how much more I can endure before it is just enough.

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