Friday 3 September 2021

Coronavirus streets in Manchester - XLIII

Human size sugar ants

Running out of sugar in my sugar bowl, I reached into my cupboard for a refill expecting to find two packs of demerara sugar and there was only one. I expected to have two packs in the larder because I had somehow made a mental note of one being there before I added another pack a couple of days ago.

Immediately, my mind went to the fact that apart from me, I have another person who has free access to my apartment and whilst I disputed in my mind about it, it did turn out that he had walked away with a pack and whatever else I have not yet made a proper mental note of before I find myself running around like a headless chicken.

In and out at the same time

It concerns me that this link to the outside world can also be a contact with situations I would rather not encounter in these pandemic times that it could as well call for my head to examined for my sanity and the avoidance of anxiety. I spend most of the time at home and yet I am as connected to the streets as whoever has ingress and egress to my home.

Across the street from the other apartment of elder occupants to the right from my perspective is a first-floor apartment in a red-brick apartment block that had been empty for over a year. The occupants, quite likely two gentlemen with a cat left the apartment in the midyear and since then it has been empty.

Neighbours all around

Just as I finished work for the week and made a call to my lover, I noticed the lights were on and two people, male and female were looking around apparently making some commentary to their phones and checking all the fixtures, windows, and everything else in the apartment. They did not look like they were there for a viewing as they were in the apartment for quite a while, taking pictures and popping their heads out of one of the sash windows every few minutes.

They might be new tenants or owner/occupiers, one cannot say, but they were soon gone leaving the Christmas-like lights on, suggesting they might well be back. I did try to wave to the lady, but I do not think she could see into my apartment. However, it would be interesting if anyone is moving in because it means I would have to draw my curtains earlier than usual.

Then imagine, two nights ago, I attended our village community conference for the first time in my almost 8 years of living here. It went on for over 90 minutes, as so many had one issue or the other to discuss. I only mentioned fruit flies, then in another block, they had mice. Eek! Were it not for the pandemic, I doubt I would have had the pleasure. Let’s just say, we are an eclectic mix in 5 apartment blocks that make up the village.

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