Monday 13 September 2021

Dreamscape: Part messages and complete deception

Strange and familiar in one

The dreamworld brings a collision between reality and fantasy, within which some interesting codes can be read and maybe misunderstood, but we that dream and can remember our dreams including those that appear to repeat themselves replaying strange things and places that you now remember like you have been there too many times before can only wonder about the many worlds we inhabit at the same time.

A well-respected and renowned preacher after delivering a reflective homily decided to give some of the clergy or church leadership a parting gift of grace. The one I witnessed was where he was given a strip of paper with part of a message, and he instructed the man to engage in deep devotional prayer and the rest of the message essential to him will be revealed during solemn contemplation.

Making easy work of discipline

I thought it would be hard and ascetic, the honour and veneration in which the preacher was held would lead the person to follow the instruction at the earliest opportunity. However, as I left the meeting, I noticed that there were other people who had been given a part message and some were reading their apparently secret messages out loud.

It transpired that others were eavesdropping and connecting up the part messages without the required devotional activity and by stringing up together six or so part messages will get the full message the preacher was giving to the church, a kind of epistle for modern times.

Build in your requirements

At that point, I thought it was not enough to just give out the part messages, as written down, but each person should have been given a unique keyword that would different each message such that if anyone picked up the part message of someone else and used it, it would become obvious that the knowledge was acquired through stealth rather than devotion.

I thought about the dream and how it relates to computer encryption when the message meant for one can only be decrypted by another who had the key. How messages given should be private, probably done in secret and handled as confidential. Trust is not enough, it should have adequate security too.

As I probably should not have witnessed the sharing of message and the recipients should not have been reading out their messages, worse still as I was no party to any of the messages but as some passing-by and just observant person, I had by accident stumbled on something that should have been confidential and the impact of the message might have been lost in its becoming public through indiscretions and spiritual laxity. And the dream ends.

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