Wednesday 3 March 2021

Wearing earplugs to reason

We can no more talk

What have they been listening to or rather, who have they been listening to? That is the question consumed in incredulity that leaves me in bafflement when I am in conversation with some people, even friends.

In some instances, for the safety of our friendship, current affairs, if not ideas cannot become a topic of conversation because their minds have been made up, the sweetness to their ears has sealed the gateway of reason that it is both impervious and impermeable to any persuasion.

Forget pragmatism with dogmatism leading with a cacophony of fanatical tumult, you cross that bastion at great peril of the loss of composure to much more. A personality cult or a pulpit, some affectation even a sense of common purpose creates the affinity from which they can not and will not be extricated.

Where is the news?

I even had to self-censor that of the many other people I told about taking the vaccine, with the torrent of conspiracy theory channelled through them, I did not have the fight, I was resigned to my own fate because there are times you are made to question your sanity or rightness out of watching how they adhere to a narrative like it is the only gospel of salvation.

From those who shout the loudest whilst protesting about losing the freedom of expression when any opportunity of platform amplifies their views to the faux outrage that attends to shifts in cultural acceptance, we have found a different kind of mob with symbolic cudgels and cutlasses baying for blood and ready to lynch in the public square of clouded, corrupt, and stilted opinions founded on half-truths and falsehoods portrayed as the entirety of the picture, we are left with one fundamental problem.

“The problem is not so much whether one trusts the news as whether one finds it.” Joan Didion.

At all.

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