Monday 1 March 2021

Logic for the helpless

Agreeing to disagree

There is nothing I enjoy more than the buzz of logic, the challenge faced with consuming information, much of it jumbled and disparate, eliciting points that feed the process of elimination and leading you to a point of forceful affirmation of the conclusions you have drawn.

When it comes to these things, I do not enjoy being confrontational, but I need to be persuaded, having a hunch will not do, the data, the facts, the thinking and the wherewithal must be laid out for scrutiny. It could seem like a clash of egos, a joust of knowledge minds pitted against minds almost to the point of exasperation.

Trust is valuable

Much as I have wanted to entertain some earnest protestations most of today, I just was not carried along with the premise. My dashboard was informing me that things were fine, yet I was being fed contrary indicators that could not be explained. I have to be able to trust what my dashboard is telling me or have nothing to work with.

I have spent decades poring and sifting through logs to reconstruct events and activities, it is almost an art of divination. I have an open mind, sure of what I know, and ready to learn new insights, it is exhilarating. It is also understandable that others might interpret logs differently and quite outside the moorings of what they intend, that is a given.

The detailed proof

This is where an eye of the minutiae and detail comes to play. You cannot afford to miss essential information, words and jargon used, timings, relationships, and expected outcomes. I could be lazy not wanting to devote time to that because of my conviction, then, you cannot avoid it. It needs to be done painstakingly and thoroughly to debunk any assertions completely.

That is where the buzz sets in, you feel the racing neutrons coursing the channels of deliberate and considered thought. The temptation to obliterate beckons but the better nature to educate gains prominence. In the end, we are here to help, but if you want to make it my problem, speculation and escalation just asks to prove where the problem is, and how we can work together to help you solve it.

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