Thursday 11 March 2021

Thought Picnic: Finding boxes for runaway foxes

Balance on rough paths

Finding a sense for the kind of emotion one feels is hard because it is not as defined as one will expect. One is neither angry nor annoyed, maybe displeased or miffed, it could just be a case of being nonplussed.

You find yourself in the centre of many events and issues you have to deal with, finding an equilibrium of heart and head, spirit and soul, mind and body to attend purposefully to each in ways that you are not overwhelmed.

On productive energies

Then you look through your toolkit and begin to compartmentalise; lay out in order, the things you need to commit resources whilst managing the mental energy sappers away from the core of your being to avoid exhaustion.

I find that I want to be where I am not under the pressure to perform, to present, to pretend, to be policed, or to be expected to practice. I want to participate in something special and amazing knowing that confidence and security are already a feature of something we have built over time. I am still finding my bearings just as we all are, learning how better to make the best of what we have. 

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