Saturday 27 March 2021

It's walking and I'm balking - VIII

I gotta walk

Stepping on the scales the other day, I found a few more kilograms had been added to a number of achievement and triumph, I last observed in November. It meant I needed to get back to the walking exercises and step up the frequency.

This year, I have been slow on the uptake, I realised I could not return to the daily walks yet as there was not enough time to recover from the stress on my musculature overnight that I have for now set my regime to every other day.

Things to ponder

Whilst I am not a dieting fan, my struggle with getting sugar out of my diet continues with little success. It still ends up in my tea and coffee except when I have a frothy milk coffee like a latte or a cappuccino. I guess there is enough milk in the drink to compensate for the absence of sugar.

I try to get more vegetables and fruits into my meals, my sweet tooth is a weakness I need to overcome by determination and purpose. I have not dared throw a tape measure around my waistline, I am scared at what I might see, the more reason I should just get on with walking.

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