Sunday 10 January 2021

Time and place issues

Other places to live

After 4 weeks in an apartment in the Oranjezicht area near the District 6 Museum, we decided on spending the rest of our holiday at Green Point in the Mouille Point suburb just a few metres from the Green Point Lighthouse which we learnt was the headquarters of the South African Lighthouses.

For our first night, we decided to eat out. Our bijoux apartment is busy, packed with unnecessary furniture, yet with all the modern conveniences at literally half the size of our previous abode. We do have a balcony with a view of the sea and the Cape Town Stadium over a golf course seemingly full of the fit players on golf carts. I am judging no one.

Only for better monitoring

For our first night, we went out for a meal at The Butcher Shop & Grill with a byline, ‘The original and only’, it left me a bit confused because they are in three places, Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Middle East, they weren’t specific, so it is a case of pinning the tail to the donkey on a map of possible locations.

As there was no alcohol at the inn, Brian has been on ginger, lemon and sprite, if he digests and expels the fluids fast enough, I might still have a man than wake up beside an elf. The thought alone. The restaurants are stricter on registration even if we sit outside, sanitising the hands, temperature readings written against our taken names and phone numbers. I still think we are missing time in and time out.

Being safe and careful

As I had written before, without that essential piece of information, I might visit an establishment long after or long before another possibly infected person, but because we were there on the same day, I acquire a tenuous risk factor. Obviously, the overhead of managing lists, times and overlaps of visiting patrons might just be too onerous, maybe electronic tagging is necessary or an extension on the Track-n-Trace apps.

In all, we are keeping to the protocols, keeping safe as much as we can. It is the only thing we have against this plague until it is under better control or we are vaccinated.

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