Saturday 23 January 2021

Self-Isolation - VI

Jessica, I love

Somewhere in my mind, I had thought I would be doing something different though it does not appear I knew what I should be up to, it is a Saturday after all. At other times, I might have gone out for a walk, found some inspiration for a blog I do want to write but cannot get beyond the first sentence. Writing is hard, difficult if not impossible.

There is no doubt I have other pleasures that occupy my Saturday if I am not having a lie-in. It is a marathon binge of watching Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote, literally all day until 9:00 PM. I cannot seem to get enough of it, even some that I believe I have watched over a decade ago that I can barely remember the plot anymore.

Counting down

I guess in all, I am on the home stretch of my self-isolation with 4 days to go after today. I cannot say how well I am coping though it would have been nice to get some Mr Kipling’s Manor House Cake that my neighbour said was not on the shelves. I don’t have any idea what the shops are like today, I have read of shelves shorn of fresh food and vegetables as a result of Brexit, who knows?

My test lab needs a looking at, a few upgrades, and some practice necessary for study and tests. I was sent a few piano lesson books the other day, I need to get my fingers and make something of the ebony and ivory keys. I am doing fine. Did I say I snowed this morning?

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