Wednesday 13 January 2021

A teacup of different

Getting a feel

We decided on a trip to Stellenbosch today and it was our first apart from a drive-through over a year ago. We had been to the winelands around the city and it was getting to be too historic a place to miss.

Setting out for lunch at Stellenbosch Kitchen, the short menu, two per course had provenance and historical notes. As there is no alcohol being served, we made do with what was in the meals, one of the entrees had vinegar and for dessert, it was Amarula bread and butter pudding. Yet, we are in the middle of the Cape Winelands.

Then we made for the Tourist Information office and as we passed the African Art Gallery, I could not help but notice the many giraffe sculptures quite likely numbering more than giraffes in the wild.

Rooibos tea

At the Tourist Office where we waited to start our Stellenbosch On Foot tour, I asked and decided to try rooibos (red bush) tea with a hint of sugar. Out of the teapot, I expected a redder hue than was presented in the teacup, a strong tea visage with an inviting palate.

The aroma was cool and earthy. To the taste, it felt like tea without any characteristic discovery in flavour. From a frame of reference, a stronger and darker serving of Chinese tea. I won’t put milk in rooibos tea and will likely prefer it as iced tea. Alright, now I read it is an herbal tea, how on earth can you be served that at breakfast?

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