Sunday 29 November 2020

Thought Picnic: Attitude is a view on the heart

A visit to the heart

I have on occasion being given the opportunity to see the heart of people, a situation that presents itself very often for the good and for the bad. For instance, someone in need asks for something you cannot provide them and immediately they begin to curse and rail.

For such people, you think, if for that moment where you felt the world should revolve around you and it did not, maybe you could have considered that others have their own worlds that revolves uniquely according to situations and circumstances in their own lives which do not have to be answerable or accountable to yours.

Manage that attitude

Indeed, humanity brings us together and we need each other much as we need to be beside ourselves. People who may not have to share when you make demands on them does not mean they are unkind, uncaring, or inhumane, they may just not have to give at that time and they do not owe you a story or a reason why.

Then, we all have bad days, rejection, humiliation, or unfulfilled desire might have accumulated into a sense of despair that could end up being exhibited in unnecessary rottenness to other innocent parties. They may be understanding of your situation or just be quite put off. It just takes some consideration to walk a mile in the shoes of another, with that perspective some unforeseen opportunity might arise.

Defined by goodness

Pleasantness, thankfulness and gratitude are things I want to readily give regardless of whether I have benefited or not. There is something about attitude that can make people go the extra mile for you. I can remember some times when just because of the nice response or exchange, I have gone out of my way to meet a need, for out of the goodness in a person will flow goodness that engages and out of the rottenness in a person, they repulse and close the doors to the bowels of mercy.

Invariably, we are reflection of the kind of responses we give, as the responses, gladden or hurt others, we reap rewards and if still for the bad attitude we display, we still get goodness from others, I hope the eyes of our hearts will see that and be thankful for the fact that we have not been harshly judged when deserved. In all, let the good show towards our being better people.

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