Sunday 1 November 2020

Thought Picnic: Welcome November

A month of strain

Arriving in November with a bit of dogged insomnia, I literally spent the hours of reluctant wakefulness thinking about the month that had just passed. If I did not have a memory or a penchant for dates, seasons, and anniversaries, it probably would not have mattered.

For a long time, October was mainly a month of many celebrations, first of births of at least 10 in family and relations, then a wedding anniversary and four years ago added a death that doubled in the past week.

Not that I want to attach anything to a month, for time is more a structure for the reckoning of humanity that exists in a framework of unfathomable eternal past and future, the present being a sliding indicator on the scale of our limitless universe.

Significance in insignificance

The vastness beyond our world where the light of stars probably extinct long ago still appears to us in expanses of lightyears is just awesome. We are both significant here and almost insignificant as we attempt to chart galaxies we can only imagine exist but can’t reach limited by the knowledge and expertise we deploy in that research.

We lay our footprints in the sands of time and in the memories of how the relationships we forged are remembered for good or for bad. Yet, we only have the present with us as we progress into a future near and far with the hope that whatever becomes our stories are evidenced in having made the telling of them better. Welcome to November 2020 and the wonder it holds.

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