Monday 23 March 2015

Thought Picnic: It Can Wait

Frenetically consumed
I sometimes wish certain things did not so occupy my mind that I begin to pull all stops to want to do or achieve that goal.
Now, I know that travel serves a crude sort of therapy for me, taking me away from the routine and the mundane into an adventurously renewing situation.
However, most of the time, I travel on impulse, and I have done this over and over again, more times than I have deliberately planned for travel. I once embarked on a European tour of 8 countries with just 10 hours to plan it and go. When you are not travelling alone, you do need to align schedules with your companion.
Pathetically excused
Yet, to break away and get away has always been one of the freedoms of being single and unattached that I have exploited whenever I have had the means to do so.
This attitude sometimes drives me to distraction, flights not when you want them, hotels on the outskirts of town except of you want to break the bank and other kinds of inflexible options that are not options but restrictions, you begin to tire of all the permutations and finally come to the conclusion – it is probably not worth it – leave it until some other time in the future.
This is where planning comes handy, because having seen the restrictions of immediacy, you probably can mitigate for those by getting better options than shelling out at high cost for minimum satisfaction and fun.
Yes, I do want to get away as soon as possible, I have decided, it can wait. Peace!

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