Sunday 1 March 2015

Thought Picnic: May I calmly state?

A balm for calm
The last week has had me in fits of all sorts of rage at work and at play, it has begun to bother me that I need to dial back and consider what is setting me off.
Most of the time, it is disorder; the kind of order that is usually outside my control, the issue of communication, miscommunication or the lack of communication, basically, communication breakdown. It is one I desperately try to reorder, first by intreaty (an archaic word) and then if amends are not made, frustration sets in.
Deliberate deliberating
I have written a few emails and messages, the kind I do not feel comfortable with, but I realise are necessary to clear the air, and they usually do.
The danger is really for those who unaware of my circumstances try to engage me from a negative perspective where normally I am courteous and accommodating, I can be remorselessly curt and nasty.
In some cases, I will apologise, but where my patience is tested, and I am generally a patient man, a discovery can be made. An expletive might creep in shocking those who know that one is rather more refined than to be caught out.
Avoiding the peril
Evidently, I am quite aware of these changes in my demeanour and I try to disengage, calm down and reflect to regain my composure and disposition. I am always a better man than my anger, displeasure and frustration sometimes betrays.
For some, it is the letting off of steam, in my case; it is more like giving away that piece of my mind I do not want to retain, in a frank and blunt expression of views. What I will not brook is those who not knowing me question my premise, for that will be the dangerous case of a boy scratching his itchy nose with the gaping fangs of a viper.
That is lethal and consequently fatal. I can handle this, a few deep breaths and thinking about the lasting impression I hope to leave. Here’s to a better month, march on to better things.

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