Monday 11 August 2014

Customer Complaint I: Not at Currys PC World, if I could help it

Bad, bad service
In many cases when businesses run into difficulty, a good investigation of the root cause might well lead to errors of omission or commission by the owners of the business or just bad customer service.
My evening has been quite eventful starting with an order that I placed with Currys PC World Ancoats Manchester. It was received and acknowledged with the opportunity to pick up my goods in an hour.
Almost 40 minutes after I placed my order, I got a phone call that my reserved order was on display in the showroom and that was the only one in stock and I could collect it for the same price as new.
That is just not on
There was no way I was going to let Currys PC World pass off unboxed goods as pristine, except where it was unboxed in my presence for me to check the contents before the leaving the store.
At worst, an offer could have been made to knock-down the price because the product was no more new, but none of that was forthcoming and their weak apologies for the situation left me feeling like they were in this to pull a fast one on me.
With staff like this
Where they could have had the initiative to have one delivered from a nearby store for me to pick up the next day, they were unpersuadable that it got to a point after knowing that I had shopped at Currys PC World for years and in fact, the high-specification laptop I am blogging from was acquired from the same shop last year, they were unhelpful.
Maybe hostile is not the word, but unfriendly, uncooperative and lacking in customer service decorum sums it up. With staff like this, you might well close shop.
I would rather take my money elsewhere and wait eons for my order than besmirch my dignity with a visit to Currys PC World again. It is little things like this, dishonest, underhand and reprehensible that could destroy a reputation built over decades, and just because staff fail to appreciate the responsibility they hold in an organisation.

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