Sunday 17 August 2014

Brought to heel and falling

In shoe paradise
I know what pumps are and anyone male or female who wears high stiletto pumps betrays a sense of style regardless of the hobby or vocation that inspires the person to be so attired.
On reflection, I really thought I knew what pumps were, only to realise that pumps derived from pompes which were originally worn by men and without a heel; they are shoes without fasteners, the back, sides, and toe of the shoes being covered.
Yet, one graphic about heeled shoes revealed a whole new world of heeled shoe knowledge that is just fascinating.

All kinds of
The Kitten heel is low and full, the Mary Jane suggests a strap over the middle of the foot, the instep, the D’Orsay has the sides uncovered, the Wedge is a full heel without space between the heel and the ball of the foot.
The Mule is like a heeled slipper, the Slingback is a strap at the posterior of the foot above the heel – the Achilles heel, the T-Strap is exactly what it is, then think of the design augmentations, Peep-Toe, Platform, Almond-Toe, Pointed-Toe and so on, which can be variations of shoe design.
However, the one that gets me is the Heel-less Ankle Strap, and add anything to the end of that. Whoever walks in those is ready to break a leg. Lady Gaga sported one of those, but videos of people making heelless shoes for themselves means orthopaedic hospitals might soon have custom. To be honest, they look like cow hooves.

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